Friday, February 5, 2010

..With her hair pulled back.

Have you ever wondered Why on local newstations when theres a winter storm they send these poor newscaster out in the blustering snowy weather so the can stand there and be on camera for about 12 seconds and say pretty much something along the lines of "yep its snowing pretty hard, you should probally stay inside tonight." its a waste of time

speaking of wastes, in class we've been talking about global warming. This american "more, more, more" attitude is really starting to irk me. I remember when i was a little girl there was this beautiful road my parents would drive down. It was the countryside, and there were beautiful hills and cute old houses. it was picture perfect.The other day we drove down it.... and its pretty much gone. Theres all these roundabouts in the roads..... the horse farm that was there was destroyed and a new shopping mall is to be built there. Its so stupid!!!
There needs to be drastic change in our ways.... i can't be the only one to feel like this....


  1. Keep going, Ripley. Bless you. A few of us older folks, who come from a generation that followed in their grandparent's footsteps and carried on messing everything up, look to your generation to sort things out. I'm sorry we made your future difficult. I think life should not be about trying to 'be something,' but about letting the road come to you when it's ready and embracing it when it does.

  2. Next observation? C'mon Ripley. We're waiting. You're seeing through the bullshit. Keep going.

  3. agreed. that could possibly be one of the sillyest jobs ever. can't they report from next to a big glass window?

  4. You're not the only one to feel that way. Lots of us do. How about laying your 'weird obsessions' on the line? There's nothing wrong with being interesting. Who has the right to define 'weird?'